Saturday, June 30, 2012

Creating Social Change; Lets Start Now.

Recently Billy Garrity and Ryan McCarthy of Northbrook chose to take their life.  These were decisions that both would take back if they could.  As you read this you know that many people would have given almost anything to have helped them to choose another option or to have simply changed their minds.

Research tells us that publicly posting the names of people who have done something important is likely to get others to join in on that path.  As crazy as it sounds the more people we get taking action to help stop people from ending their life, chances are that less people will do so.  We are also likely to connect with those that might be thinking about suicide.  You can help, we all  can.  Lets change some minds

What I'm asking here is for you to talk with your children and your friends about why suicide is not an answer and then sign the petition below, indicating you have done your part.  No meeting to attend, no time to try and find.  Just a few keystrokes and a conversation or two can make all the difference in the world.  Together we can make a difference and help Northbrook kids feel more connected.

Everyone who reads this should sign the petition.

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