Monday, October 20, 2008

Employment Law: When To See A Psychologist & Why

The situation you never expect has happened; your boss or supervisor, who is also your lover, decides it's time to remove you from the payroll or it's clear to you he/she will do so if you fail to continue to comply. So much for the great job that provided the necessary security for you and perhaps for your family.

Clients often wonder why they need to seek the help of a psychologist when what they really want at that point is legal help and advice. The answer is simple. No one is suggesting that you're crazy or need treatment for a mental health problem. You do however need support to deal with the fear and loss and you need to be able to show the negative effects that the situation had upon you should you have legal recourse. Now you find yourself a victim which can produce depression and severe anxiety.

On top of this your life begins to revolve around your legal status as you battle for justice and as anyone who's been involved in legal action can attest too, not many days go by where you are not thinking about or kicking yourself over the situation and how poorly and unfairly you were treated.

As a treater and expert witness in both State and Federal courts I've handled multiple sexual harassment and gender bias cases, both for plaintiff's and defendants. I know first hand the benefits of having trained help and support as you travel through the legal system. The goal in almost all cases is simple; find a way to go from victim to survivor as well as finding a way to go on with life as the case seemingly takes forever in the courts.

If you find yourself in one of these unexpected and tragic situations do not hesitate to seek professional help and support. Your Attorney may recommend you do this (good attorney's do) so follow his or her advice and make the call today. Sexual Harassment has been around since women entered the workplace and it is also an issue for men now. There is really no need to suffer in private.

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